Sept. 14, 2013

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Father Z answers a question about fasting before Communion.

Dream deflated: American ends quest to cross Atlantic with helium balloons

Debate about back-yard chickens in metro suburbs

Wisconsin teachers union decertified in latest blow to labor under Walker law

Charter schools dominate debate among Boston mayoral candidates at teachers union forum

AFL-CIO demands changes to Obamacare but not its abolition

Is the NAACP Anti-Woman?

The Colorado recalls dealt a serious blow to gun-control advocates. Here’s why.

Imagine this: In Germany, one TV ad per candidate

Nigeria: Cleric Urges Christians to Pray for Peace

Muslims are concerned about extremist groups

Priest among hostages taken by Muslim rebels in the Philippines

Philippine Muslim rebels agree to cease-fire, still hold hostages

German diocese promises ‘transparency’ after claims of extravagance

Why Americans join Syrian jihad

Foreign fighters in a Damascus jail Recruited by Al-Qaeda

Video Report: U.S. Syrian Jihadist ‘Allies’ Establish Brutally Unjust Aleppo Sharia Courts

Putin throws America on the rhetorical mat

Boston High School Trades Pledge of Allegiance for Muslim Anti-American Poem

Russia’s ‘outsourced’ jihadis come home

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