Sept. 8, 2013

Obamacare: Enroll America is targeting Arizona and nine other states

Girl’s amazing recovery from amoeba attack

Fearing backlash, California Democrats chart centrist path

Lots of rain means lots of bugs means lots of food for spiders means lots of spiders

Three deaths in Colorado linked to synthetic marijuana

Colorado Springs Gazette posts map showing location of political donors in recall election

I would place it in the category of deliberate child abuse.

Connecticut patients possibly exposed to devastating brain disease

Education Secretary Arne Duncan wants school to start later in the day

DC proposes 24-hour waiting period for tattoos

Florida County Bans Smokers from New Jobs

‘Insensitive’ Sculpture Of Bones In The Sand Sparks Outrage

Jewell visits site of former Japanese internment camp

German jihadis kill Syrian Christians

Indian MP: Set up panel to study ‘pathetic condition’ of Christians

Radical Muslims torch churches, threaten local Christians

Many Evangelical pastors are against military action in Syria

A Dilemma for Syria’s Minorities

Ex-Miss America joins ultra-conservative Christian college

FRC’s President Tony Perkins on Why Congress Should Oppose Obama’s Plan to Bomb Syria

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